The Arts Partnership

Four Organizations building a brighter future.


Welcome to the Arts Partnership

The Arts Partnership is four organizations--Minnesota Opera, The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, The Schubert Club and The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra--joining together to provide an extraordinary opportunity for our community.  The $79 million Arts Partnership Campaign will fund the solution to the long-standing challenges of producing at The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota.  The imperative of the campaign is to “solve not study.”

The Arts Partnership is a unique collaboration--none of its four organizations dominate.  Rather, leadership of the Arts Partnership rotates among the four and the needs of the community are placed above the needs of any one particular organization.  The result is that a beloved landmark--the Ordway--will bring even greater value to the community. 

The challenges at the Ordway boil down to time and money.  There is too little time on the over-utilized calendar, and the endowment is too small.  The solution is the construction of an 1100-seat concert hall (on the footprint of the under-used McKnight Theatre) to relieve scheduling pressure, and to raise an endowment to support the use of the Center by all the Partners.  The mutual interests of the four organizations hold the Arts Partnership together, with the schedule and usage rules described in a binding Master Agreement.  It is a national model for how arts organizations can thrive together.

The Arts Partnership | 345 Washington Street, St. Paul MN  55102

For information call Krystal Kohler at 651-282-3035